Medical Solutions that save lives.

JDMT is the only Swiss system provider of medical services. JDMT offers all the necessary resources from a single source, in order to quickly and effectively provide medical help to persons in need. Furthermore, JDMT’s system is specifically oriented towards the needs of firms and businesses.

Services offered by JDMT include: conceptual support in the establishment of legally-mandated First Aid systems for national and internationally-based employees; First Aid training of novices, in-company emergency response officers and medical professionals throughout Switzerland; providing businesses and major events with professional medical personnel; retail, rental, and maintenance of necessary equipment; analysis and consulting services (i.e. pandemic prevention measures).

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About us

«A medical emergency can occur everytime and everywhere. If you are prepared, you have considerably better chances.»

Michael Mund, Dr. med. Dr. med. dent.

«We provide our clients a system to be prepared for medical emergencies.»

Angelo Urso, Paramedic HF

«Medical risks can only be considered globally and for all animate beings.»

Enni Markkanen, Dr. med. vet. Dr. sc. nat.

«JDMT administers this universal, health approach systematically.»

Mirco Kunz, Dr. med.

«Only who feels healthy, can show a persistent strong performance in the workplace.»

Katharina Betschon, MSc ETH Movement Sciences and Sport

«Healthiness is a matter of trust. Every day we put all our hearts and souls into that.»

Fabian Brütsch, Regional Director

«The medical job changes epochal. It provides new chances and has to conform to additional expectances.»

Patrick Steinmann, Dr. med., MSc

«If medical processes in the workplace are harmonius, satisfaction, efficiency and security will rise.»

Davide Barboni, Procedure and logistics

«Where medical competence is crucial for a project result, JDMT is the accurate Partner.»

Christoph Heer, Dr. med.

«With us by your side, your surely have a good counselor in the long term.»

Andreas Juchli, Doctor and CEO