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Respiratory problems/choking

atemnot-zeichnungRespiratory problems can have many causes. Sudden respiratory problems may be due to the airways being blocked by foreign bodies or caused by the swelling of airways. Choking must be considered, particularly with children and old people, in the event of sudden breathing difficulties.

Symptoms are

  • Obvious trouble breathing
  • Sudden, heavy coughing
  • A whistling breathing sound
  • Fast, shallow breathing
  • Blue lips / fingertips
  • A deterioration in state of consciousness

First Aid means here

  • Remove any factors causing it (with allergic reactions / asthma)
  • Dial the emergency number 144 (get someone else to dial it)
  • With choking: give back blows; if the patient is distressed: Heimlich manoeuvre; if they lose consciousness: chest compressions

Please also note

Children in particular are at risk because their airways are so narrow. At the slightest sign of respiratory problems the alarm must be raised immediately by dialing the emergency number 144. If the Heimlich manoeuvre has been done the patient must be hospitalised. The force applied to the stomach organs may result in bleeding injuries.

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