Injury to the Skin / Mucosal Surfaces2018-04-16T17:00:55+00:00

Relevant Injury to the Skin / Mucosal Surfaces

hautverletzung-zeichnungSkin and mucosal surfaces are much more than simply mantles. As such, damage to them is relevant to our Health. Serious skin or mucosal injuries may occur through mechanical (abrasions, contused wounds, cuts), thermal (burns, scalds) or chemical (chemical burns) causes.

Symptoms are

  • Pain
  • Redness, swelling, bleeding
  • Blistering and/or ulceration

First Aid Measures

  • Removing the presence of the irritant substance (Irritant, corrosive substance or heat)
  • Cleaning and cooling of the affected skin/mucosal area with water at body temperature
  • Consulting a medical professional
  • Protecting the affected area
  • Further measures in accordance with the advice of a medical professional

Also Note

What can lead to injuries to persons can lead to injuries to first aid responders. Ensure that the risk posed by the noxious substance has been removed. Burns are often underestimated in their severity. Medical consultation should always be obtained following burns to the face, genital region, articulations, hands and feet as well as with burns leading to the formation of significant blistering. After caustic/chemical burns and injury to the eye: clean with an appropriate rinsing solution or water. Afterwards, protect the eye from any further mechanical stimulation or pressure. Consult a medical professional (eye clinic/hospital).