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Spinal injury

wirbelsaeulenverletzung-zeichnungThe spine can be injured by a forceful impact. The spine protects the spinal cord. If the spinal cord and / or associated nerve tracts are damaged this results in paralysis and loss of sensation.

Symptoms are

  • Severe pain in the spine area
  • Loss of sensation (tingling sensations and numbness)
  • Paralysis

First Aid means here

  • Tell the patient not to move
  • Apply manual inline stabilisation (neutral position on their back, sitting or standing; exception on their stomach)
  • Dial emergency number 144

Please also note

If someone is confused or unconscious and an incident involving force (a fall, impact)
is possible then a spinal injury must be assumed. Distracting factors (major, obvious injury, unconscious child, similar) may mask thesymptoms. Whenever a spinal injury is a possibility it should be assumed and handledappropriately until the emergency services take over.