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Notfälle bei Kindern

notfaelle-bei-kindern-schildChildren should not be considered simply “small adults”. Due to their age, they often have greater difficulties in clearly communicating problems or complaints they may have. A children’s trust is essential in order to effectively administer care, and it is therefore crucial to regard the child as their own person. There are significant physical differences between adults and children that must be considered during the administration of first aid. The following must therefore be taken into consideration:

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Most Common Medical Emergencies in Children

  1. Respiratory Tract Obstruction
  2. Respiratory Distress
  3. Cardiac Arrest
  4. Altered States of Consciousness
  5. Allergies
  6. Seizures
  7. Brain and Spinal Injury
  8. Skin and Mucosal Injury
  9. Internal and External Bleeding
  10. Sports Injuries
  11. Tooth Accidents
  12. Psychological Emergencies