Together against COVID-19: leaflet with the 5 rules against COVID-19

In themselves, these are simple rules that must be followed to contain the COVID-19 pandemic ("corona virus pandemic"). And yet we must remind them over and over again. JDMT has compiled the most important rules in an information sheet. They can be used freely - provided the source is named. These information leaflets are available [...]

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Together against COVID-19: 2 meters look like this

Keeping a certain distance is the simplest and at the same time most effective measure to prevent infection with the corona virus COVID-19. People who feel healthy should keep a minimum distance of two metres between themselves. However, the two-metre distance is often underestimated. Therefore, JDMT has produced this leaflet, which can be used freely [...]

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Together against COVID-19: Proper hand hygiene

Already during the swine flu epidemic, a good ten years ago, JDMT published illustrated instructions in several languages on how to clean hands correctly, whether with soap and water or with hand disinfectant. As part of the joint measures against COVID-19, JDMT is publishing these again. These instructions may be used freely - provided the [...]

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Together against COVID-19: Proper glove removal

In certain situations, it may be appropriate to wear gloves to prevent contamination of one’s hands. As part of the many services provided to Swiss companies to help them cope with the COVID 19 pandemic, JDMT has produced a guide on how to dispose of gloves correctly. The aim is to avoid touching contaminated areas [...]

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JDMT and the COVID 19 pandemic

JDMT has been closely following the development of this newly emerging infectious disease since the turn of the year. Since then the number of cases in Italy rose significantly about two weeks ago, in parallel the demands received by JDMT for support services to cope with the corona situation have also risen significantly. On Wednesday [...]

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Corona-Virus-Epidemie: Quo vadis?

While the number of confirmed corona infections in China continues to rise significantly, they remain low outside of China, especially in Western Europe and the USA. Up to now, a 2019-nCoV infections has been detected in about 25,000 people and round 500 deaths are currently attributed to this outbreak. While last week representatives of the [...]

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Die Informations-Pandemie – 2019-nCoV und die Flut an Informationen

Since the end of 2019, the outbreak of the coronavirus has been infecting an increasing number of people. What was only a local incident in a province in central china, has developed into a global health concern. Daily updates are published, the number of infected people and, unfortunately, the number of people who have died [...]

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WHO declares Public Health Emergency of International Concern – Consequences for Switzerland

Tonight, the WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The WHO expressed that the wave of infection with the novel corona virus 2019-nCoV is still not under control and the risk of further escalation of the situation remains. In its update on the 2019-nCoV outbreak, JDMT explained the consequences of the WHO decision [...]

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New Coronavirus – consequences for Swiss employers

The corona virus 2019-nCoV, which recently emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has since spread widely. And even though no infections have been detected in Switzerland as of this morning, JDMT recommends that Swiss companies activate their company pandemic plan now. The primary purpose of activation is to maintain an up-to-date overview of the [...]

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