Almost 20 years ago

1. The trigger

The story of JDMT begins in spring 2002 when Daniel Nägeli together with his friend Andreas Juchli, medical students from Zurich, came up with the idea of organizing a course on the insertion of peripheral intravenous catheters for their fellow colleges. Because there was no corresponding offer in Zurich at the time. Andreas Juchli had the opportunity to have intensive training in posing catheters and injections during his training as an officer in the Swiss Army (medical cadre courses). With the support of several other people, a first IV catherter, sewing and injection course was held in May 2002. Colleagues who had attended the officers’ school with Andreas Juchli, other officers and soldiers of the Swiss Army trained about 200 medical students for one day. The response was overwhelming. The quality and atmosphere enthused all the participants.

2. The relationship with the emergency medicine

This was followed by a course in emergency medicine – which was also a great demand from medical students. The course was then given in a military facility in Schmidrüti. That led to the creation of the littledoc association. Shortly afterwards, littledoc’s medical students wondered if they could not provide medical services for a sports tournament and the interest soon grew bigger. From the ground up and with a lot of enthusiasm, the »littledocs” expended and provided medical services for events, while always keeping as the core value of giving opportunities and training younger colleagues. Over the years, this service has developed enormously. Many customers throughout Switzerland regularly asked for the services of the »Junior Docs”, or the »Junior Doc Medical Team”.

3. From association to AG

In the course of 2006, the question of what the future might hold became increasing compelling. Littledoc continued to be an association, where we all worked on a voluntary basis. The effort put in the “littledocs” and the customers’ expectations were high. And the question sustainably arose. At the beginning of 2007, three of the main collaborators, Silvan Boxler, Andreas Frischknecht and Andreas Juchli, then founded JDMT Medical Services GmbH. »JDMT” comes from the initial letters of »Junior Doc Medical-Team”. Shortly afterwards, the association littledoc decided to transfer the medical services to the newly founded GmbH. In 2011 the GmbH was converted into an AG. In 2019 Andreas Juchli took over the shares from Silvan Boxler and Andreas Frischknecht.

4. JDMT today

For the JDs (the founders of JDMT), the training of younger colleagues is and will remain an essential pillar of their commitment. Out of conviction and because they enjoy doing it. JDMT has continuously developed and expanded their services. Today we provide a first aid system, which is unique in Switzerland, it is now provided to over 200 corporate clients since the end of 2019. In 2019 JDMT has conducted over 900 first aid courses and over 660 assignments. This combination of training younger colleagues and focusing on helping people is also reflected in the JDMT badge. In keeping with the history of medicine, the inscription is written in Latin: »Helping people in a safe and effective way, while constantly learning”.

At the end of 2018, the two entrepreneurs Jost Wicki and Andreas Juchli also decided that Wicki + Ambühl AG, an established company for first aid and other medical training, would join pathes with JDMT as part of long-term succession plan. In order to strengthen the position of both providers in the Swiss market and offer their customers a variety of advantages.

In 2020, JDMT will expand its service portfolio from reactive emergency medicine to comprehensive health care for employees, with a system developed by JDMT that still follows the same bases. In line with this expansion of services to include preventive and other non-emergency medical services, the JDMT logo was adapted. Instead of a pictorial motif derived from the rescue service Star of Life, the letters JDMT in the logo were supplemented by the silhouette of a human being, which also depicts the concepts of consciousness, breathing, circulation and injuries. These are terms that JDMT has always used for first aid, but in a figurative sense also for the services that will be expanded in 2020.