Effective help in medical emergencies

The legislature requires employers to take steps to help with medical emergencies. This legal obligation is clearly defined by SECO.

JDMT has developed a system that meets this legal requirement and is universally applicable to all medical needs of companies, regardless of whether it consists of a few or many employees or whether these employees are at fixed locations or on the road, at home or abroad.

From a single source, JDMT offers everything needed in order to assure medical care in the event of need. For this purpose, JDMT trains employees throughout Switzerland and developed a cost-efficient remote training for training all over the world.
JDMT is certified by EduQua and IVR. In 2016, a few thousand people were trained in about 600 training courses across Switzerland.

JDMT further relieves its customers of conceptual and organizational performance and, for example, takes over the organization of all administrative tasks concerning the training and maintenance of first aid equipment.

JDMT is a brand-independent provider of all the necessary medical equipment. The categorization of medical equipment for occupational first aid, developed by JDMT, is geared solely to medical efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness during use. For companies and communities, JDMT builds up AED systems (network of defibrillators) and maintains them for its customers.

Anyone who is not faced with medical emergencies every day will feel insecure in the event of an emergency and will not be able to help. Operators in particular are confronted with this dilemma. JDMT knows that an average company attends to 0.8 people per year. And only 3% of all cases are medically serious cases. At the same time, the operators are extremely important. JDMT ensures through various measures that, despite their limited experience, operators are highly likely to be able to use those measures which bring real benefits to those concerned. This includes, among other things, the training focused on the most important medical emergencies, a standardized procedure for every medical emergency, a reduction of first aid equipment to the most important articles, an ongoing and low-threshold telephone support lead by specialists as well as the follow-up of each event using the structured documentation by a JDMT doctor with feedback to the person who has rendered first aid.

The necessary medical care is based on an assessment of risks and the required performance. In the case of business events, for example, it is intended not only to provide medical assistance quickly and effectively, but also to protect the event against the negative effects of an incident. In these cases, JDMT provides medical care services with its own medical professionals. In 2016, more than 10,000 operational hours were spent in over 1,500 assignments. Since January 2013, JDMT has provided medical care to around 10,000 people.

JDMT specializes in the medical care of business events (often in the civilian tenue according to the dresscode of the event), as well as at large events and other special challenges. JDMT regularly designs and realizes medical care for events abroad for its international customers.

JDMT represents the medical single point of contact for companies. This means that our customers receive all medical needs from a single source. JDMT views itself as a medical universal service provider – with a large medical portfolio, always physically tested. The fact that JDMT acts as a medical single point of contact has various advantages for its customers: the organization is simplified, the effect is optimized and furthermore the cost-effectiveness is significantly better.
JDMT has developed a system that allows employers to prepare themselves effectively, safely, and cost-effectively for medical emergencies at the workplace. The system can be used universally and globally. Regardless whether the individual employee is somewhere around the globe or at a location with many employees – JDMT allowes rapid and qualified medical care thanks to its system solution with the five components

  • The conceptual framework
  • The responders
  • Tools
  • Professional support
  • Quality management
JDMT has been responsible for the medical care during events and for institutions of authorities and companies for many years. JDMT is a leading company in Switzerland, especially in the management of events for companies and VIP events. The helpers of JDMT value the appropriate and discreet handling of the guests. On behalf of its customers, JDMT also manages medical facilities all over Switzerland with its own specialist staff.
JDMT trains several thousand people every year in all of Switzerland. The focus lies on assistance in medical emergencies – whether for adults or for children. Our customers appreciate the competence of the trainers as well as the very practical training approach. JDMT is known for the training of qualified first responders as well as for AED roadshows, which aim to familiarize many people with first aid in the event of circulatory arrest. In addition, JDMT also offers the courses for IVR levels 1 to 3, as well as many further training courses.
JDMT advises its customers in obtaining the necessary medical equipment. If desired, JDMT provides the articles directly and provides the necessary professional maintenance measures. While other providers only offer a few of their own brands, JDMT has access to all the possible tools from different brands. And while other vendors want to sell as many medical devices as possible, the sale and distribution of medical equipment is only a component of the intensive medical cooperation with its customers for JDMT. The maintenance measures are of great importance to JDMT. Several hundred defibrilators, several dozen medical rooms as well as many other first aid articles are currently being operated by JDMT. This relieves the responsible person in the company and optimizes the availability of the devices in case of emergency.

Solutions through Medical Intelligence

The concept of « Medical Intelligence » by JDMT is based on the retrieval, collection, verification, analysis, and dissemination of relevant and up to date medical information. This concept supports the responsible decision-making process of executive personnel during medically-related crisis situations. “Medical Intelligence” collaborates in the establishment of all pandemic prevention measures – conceptually and practically by providing the necessary training and equipment. Furthermore, JDMT is present in the event of a pandemic in order to provide the client with daily situational updates and continuous individualised informational support.

JDMT offers companies with internationally active employees a system that provides employees with continuously accessible medical information and support. As such, the employee receives access to an application that uses intelligent algorithms to evaluate whether professional medical help, a phone call with a medical expert, or a basic first aid measure is necessary. As such, the employee is able to call and access the employer’s medical Hotline (operated by JDMT) at any time. This systematic solution is therefore highly modifiable and can be ideally adjusted to the company’s requirements.
JDMT compiles analyses of medically-related events, enabling executives to arrive at the proper decisions on the basis of timely, appropriate, and intelligible information.
JDMT monitors diseases that may potentially evolve into more serious health crises. Recent examples of such diseases are the dissemination, activity and evolution of pathogens such as SARS, MERS, and Ebola. JDMT advises its clients as early as possible and is remains on standby for further consultations.
JDMT has demonstrated extensive experience supporting companies and establishing their preventative pandemic measures. JDMT verifies existing pandemic plans or establishes new pandemic concepts in line with international standards. JDMT is available to a company’s public health representative for further consultations, advises them regarding the appropriate training and logistics in the case of a pandemic, and updates its client’s knowledge base through regular updates concerning a pandemic’s progress.
JDMT supports executive personnel during medically-related emergency events by providing situational medical reports. If required, the situation may be monitored on a continuous, 24/7 basis. In addition to establishing incident reports, JDMT provides its client with background information concerning the medical situation, allowing the client to predict any change in status of the event.

Corporate Health

JDMT offers you a systematic solution for reducing the absences of key personnel. During high-stress work phases, medical support can significantly reduce absences while maintaining employee performance and efficiency. As such, JDMT establishes individualized health management concepts and consults enterprises comprehensively on questions concerning corporate health. These concepts are grounded in JDMT’s scientific culture, ensuring you are supported in the most competent manner. Efficacy, safety, and cost efficiency are the central themes of your businesses’ health management concept.

JDMT conducts risk assessments, allowing the discovery, evaluation, and management of corporate medical risk factors. As medical risk factors negatively affect businesses, medical risk management is integrated in the company’s general risk management concept.
Key employees play a crucial role in your company. Therefore, it is critical that their efficiency is not compromised by medical problems. In response, JDMT offers execucare, a systematic solution which functions to maintain the performance of key staff through its preventive and reactive nature.
JDMT supports the development of preventative measures, placing particular importance on the most effective measures. Therefore, JDMT advises its clients only on proven preventative measures and their supportive rationale, while advising against unproven measures.
JDMT offers medical care in hospitals and private practices, together with its partners. This also includes the care and treatment of acute medical problems. Above all, JDMT seeks to provide its clients with effective and efficient medical care.
JDMT provides executive personnel with consulting services on a wide variety of medical topics or questions, which can affect the comprehensive health status of their company.

Career & Workplace

The medical workplace is undergoing major changes. Two out of three young doctors are women, but a healthy balance between professional and family life is often missing. Moreover, many medical positions remain vacant. All the while, certain problems with the current medical training system have become evident and require solutions.

Over numerous years, JDMT has lead the medical training of many doctors, aspiring doctors and medical personnel. Aside from the practical training of doctors, JDMT is also responsible for establishing the conceptual approach, the performance objectives and if needed the necessary algorithms.
JDMT coaches and guides young doctors on their path towards a medical specialty. As part of the mentorship, JDMT periodically meets with the doctor over the course of their specialization. JDMT’s experience and expertise enables them to show how their specialization can be attained in an efficient manner. Furthermore, JDMT’s support allows the doctor to put into place the right conditions to further their future medical career.
JDMT supports medical employers along the hiring process of medical doctors. Should a hospital demonstrate difficulties in hiring the required personnel, JDMT will subsequently analyze potential problems and put forth corresponding optimizations. Likewise, high turnover rates in particular positions are assessed by JDMT and measures are suggested in order to decrease the turnover rate.
JDMT improves the cohesion between medical professional life and private life. In order to successfully implement such programs, JDMT supports both doctors and employers in an equilateral manner.
JDMT analyses medical processes in hospitals and advises on the corresponding improvements. JDMT employs a team of specialist doctors for these assessments. Through an integrative process, JDMT ensures that the hospital’s medical personnel are incorporated in the decision-making process, without compromising on the application of process optimizations.

Consultancy Services

JDMT and its team of medical specialists and other qualified professionals provide a large variety of consultancy services. JDMT advises on projects, develops concepts, and carries out risk management for medical professionals, including advising on medico-legal issues.

JDMT combines medical knowledge and economic expertise. These competencies are not only useful for medical employers, but all businesses operating completely or tangentially within the medical sector. JDMT’s consultancy services are thus composed of a team of medical specialists with substantial experience in their respective specialties.
JDMT supports hospitals in their strategy development, for example regarding medically-related questions of strategic importance.
JDMT consults on a large variety of legal topics in medicine through its medico-legal expertise. This includes, advising on the evaluation of medico-legal reports, or the creation of applicable questionnaires.
JDMT supports hospital executives and doctors in the discovery, assessment and management of medical professional risks.
JDMT is an active collaborator on various medical projects. As such, JDMT may take charge of discrete problems or the entire management of the client’s project. JDMT can also continue its collaborative role after the project’s initial end date. A common thread in the projects JDMT operates on is the important medical nature of the project and the corresponding need for medical expertise.

Courses and Events

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