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Just over 10 years ago

The history of JDMT begins in spring 2002. Daniel Nägeli, a medical student from Zurich, wanted to launch a course in infusion techniques with the help from his study friend Andreas Juchli in favor of their fellow students.

There was no such offer in Zurich. Andreas Juchli had the opportunity to train infusion and injection techniques intensiveley during his training as officer of the Swiss Army (cadre course medicine). With the help of a few other people, a first infusion, sewing and injection course could be realized in May 2002.

Study colleagues, who had attended the officers’ school with Andreas Juchli, further officers and employees of the Swiss army trained around 200 medical students during one day. The response was overwhelming. Both the quality and the atmosphere were equally impressive.

This success was followed by a course in emergency medicine – also something lacking so far for many medical students. For this purpose the makers were allowed to use a military facility in Schmidrüti. Thereafter the association littledoc was founded by students, who were responsible for these courses.

A short time later the question arose whether medical students of littledoc could not medically supervise tournament. The interest was aroused. With a lot of enthusiasm the »littledocs” built up the medical care of events from the very beginning, with the aim of giving training opportunities to younger colleagues.

Over the years this service has developed enormously. Many customers throughout Switzerland regularly resorted the services of the »Junior Docs” or the »Junior Doc Medical Team”. In the course of 2006, the question of what the future might look like arose more and more. Littledoc was still just a club. Everyone worked voluntarily. The effort and the expectations of the »littledocs” and their customers were high. How could the services be sustained?

At the beginning of the year, three of the players, Silvan Boxler, Andreas Frischknecht and Andreas Juchli, founded JDMT Medical Services GmbH. «JDMT» comes from the initial letter of «Junior Doc Medical Team». The association litteldoc decided shortly afterwards to sell the medical services to the newly founded company. In 2011, the GmbH was converted into an AG.

Today’s courses are held to this day. For the JDs (the makers of JDMT), the promotion of younger colleagues is and remains an essential pillar of their commitment. Because of conviction and because they like to do it.