JDMT has been closely following the development of this newly emerging infectious disease since the turn of the year. Since then the number of cases in Italy rose significantly about two weeks ago, in parallel the demands received by JDMT for support services to cope with the corona situation have also risen significantly.

On Wednesday evening, February 26th, JDMT felt compelled to reorganize the company’s entire operations as a task force in a military manner, as customer requirements had grown so intensively within the space of a day. Since then, operational capacities have been increased several times.

JDMT provides consulting services for the operational pandemic planning committees and for the employees of these companies. JDMT provides training on corona issues (e.g. conference calls in the various national languages) and provides a wide range of logistical services for corona-critical relief supplies. Finally, JDMT operates a situation/situation tracking system, including scenario development (medical intelligence).

JDMT provides these corona-related services based on the agreements for the corresponding services. For reasons of the current very intensive workload with a focus on customers with existing service agreements, no more situation updates can be distributed freely accessible on our homepage.