krampfanfall-zeichnungSeizures are caused by a brain malfunction. Causes may be: epilepsy, brain tumour, inflammation of brain structures, low blood sugar and a brain haemorrhage. Seizures can be full blown («generalised») or just very discreet. Those affected can injure their skull and spine by falling.

Symptoms are

  • Impaired consciousness to unconsciousness
  • Uncontrolled jerking
  • Convulsions
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control

First Aid means here

  • Dial the emergency number 144 (get someone else to dial it)
  • Protect the patient’s head from impact (without any leverage on the neck / spine)
  • Move any dangerous objects out of the way

Please also note

The person concerned acquires incredible powers during a seizure. Do not hold the patient down but let them convulse; just protect the head from uncontrolled impact without applying any leverage to the spine. Most seizures end on their own. Nevertheless the emergency number 144 must be dialed as soon as the seizure starts. If the seizure does not end within a few minutes on its own the emergency services must intervene with medication. Once the seizure is over those affected are generally exhausted. Ensure that they have peace and quiet and are supervised. Use the manual inline stabilisation if a spinal injury is a possibility due to a fall.