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Psychiatric Emergencies

psychische-notfaelle-zeichnungAkin to a “physical” medical emergency, a psychiatric emergency can affect anyone. Here, we discuss acute episodes of a psychiatric disorder, acute suicide risk and acute psychiatric symptoms not caused by an underlying psychiatric disorder.

Symptoms are

  • Disturbances in the mood, continuous unhappiness, sulkiness
  • Hopelessness and despair
  • Noticeable behavioural abnormalities
  • Crying fits
  • Anxiety, Fear, Panic attacks
  • Strong, intense breathing (Hyperventilation)

First Aid Measures

  • Care for the patient (do not leave the patient unattended)
  • Consult a medical professional
  • Hyperventilation: Catch the person’s attention (if necessary, using a painful stimulus), followed by asking the patient in a calming tone to “breathe slower” (Talking down)

Also Note

Many emergency situations contain an important psychiatric aspect. As a first aid responder, it is important to consider the psychiatric aspect of an emergency: Calm the patient down and ensure they have privacy. Psychiatric difficulties are just as normal as any other bodily complaint.

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