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Serious circulation/consciousness problems

bewusstlos-zeichnungThe body is a system and circulation and consciousness are two important elements in this system. They depend on each other accordingly. There are a whole range of causes for circulation and / or consciousness problems: injuries, poisoning, illness and poor supply.

Symptoms are

  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Impaired consciousness
  • A general feeling of unwellness
  • Pale skin

First Aid means here

  • Dial the emergency number 144
  • Make sure the patient is in a safe position (sit or lie them down; except after a forceful impact: then do not move them and use the manual inline stabilisation)
  • Unconscious person, not breathing: chest compressions and use AED (secondly ventilation)
  • Unconscious person, with forceful impact, breathing well: do not move them, use manual inline stabilisation
  • Unconscious person, no forceful impact, breathing well: place in recovery position
  • With suspicion of low blood sugar level: administer sugar in the cheek pouch (sugar powder / gel)

Please also note

A problem with consciousness is always an emergency. A medical expert must therefore always be consulted immediately. People often say they feel generally unwell. One in three heart attacks have no or just minor symptoms, e.g. generally feeling unwell. The following applies: If a person complains about generally feeling unwell and is 40 years old (or older) -> always consult a medical expert.

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